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Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor lets people shop with PayPal

While Samsung's new smartphone allows for digital payments with fingerprint authentication, what does this mean for Apple's iPhone?

By 25 February 2014


Shuttle Atlantis, NASA's last orbiter, departs for museum duty

NASA's lone remaining space shuttle, the Atlantis, departed the Kennedy Space Center on Friday for its final journey, a 10-mile trek to the spaceport Visitor Complex, where it will go on display.

By 2 November 2012


'The Late Late Show' takes a shot at iPad Mini

Comedian Craig Ferguson has a few words to say about the smallest iPad ever.

By 24 October 2012


Flashback the largest Mac malware threat yet, experts say

Congratulations, Apple. The Mac is now popular enough to attract major attention from the bad guys.

By 7 April 2012


'Microserfs' author Coupland talks tech

In his latest novel, "Generation A," Douglas Coupland digs deeper into the "retribalizing" effects of electronic technologies.

By 12 September 2009


Photos: Meet Berti the robot

The nimble-fingered machine is already an old pro at rock, paper, scissors, randomly generating hand shapes and using sensors to determine the outcome.

By 24 February 2009


Salesforce.com outage hits thousands of businesses

Disruption affected all data being processed in Japan, Europe, and North America for at least 40 minutes.

By 8 January 2009


Linden Lab CEO: No credit crunch in 'Second Life'

q&a Mark Kingdon says the virtual world, which is "only now starting to realize its full potential," is still seeing record-breaking Lindex currency trade levels.

By 24 October 2008


Network security makes a quantum leap

Encrypted network in Vienna, Austria, which has been worked on four more than four years by 41 organizations from 12 countries, hints at the future of government and business data.

By 13 October 2008


Hasta la Vista baby, we're just not interested

A survey by the Corporate IT Forum finds that, with Windows XP holding strong, interest in the unreleased Windows 7 outstrips that for Vista.

By 1 October 2008