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Editors' Take

2016 Tesla Model X

Tesla's made us wait for its SUV for three and a half years, but now it's finally here. We've had our turn behind the wheel -- join us for our impressions.

By 30 September 2015

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Editors' Take

Tesla Model S 70D

If the incredibly quick Model S P85D isn't going to fit in your budget, Tesla has a new option that might be a bit more suitable.

By 8 April 2015

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2014 Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S not only looks good, it drives exceedingly well while running with electric efficiency, but we would like to see more of the driver-assistance features found on comparably priced cars.

By 19 July 2014

4 stars Editors' rating 19 July 2014

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2015 Tesla Model S P85D

With ridiculous acceleration, the 2015 Tesla Model S P85D serves as an excellent example of the potential for electric cars and boasts updates that make it compare well feature-for-feature with competitive luxury cars, but most buyers should consider the Model S 85D, trading acceleration for longer range.

By 7 March 2015

4.5 stars Editors' rating 7 March 2015

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2012 Tesla Model S

The 2012 Tesla Model S sets a new standard for cars of the 21st century by integrating cabin tech equal to anything from the consumer electronics industry and incorporating a long-range, powerful, and efficient electric drivetrain.

By 19 December 2012

5 stars Editors' rating 19 December 2012

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Tesla Roadster Sport

The Tesla Roadster is difficult to live with day to day and its range limits how far you'll be able to drive -- but for those who have the money, it's a wonderful toy, and brutally fast.

By 23 July 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating 23 July 2010

Typical price: £101,900.00


Tesla cars can now self-park at your command

The electric vehicle maker is offering new autonomous-driving features while simultaneously placing restrictions on others already in use.

By 11 January 2016


No hands needed! Tesla updates cars with autopilot

A software update gives the Model S and Model X the power to self-steer, change lanes and park. Meanwhile, the new Yahoo Mail needs no password.

By 15 October 2015


Tesla CEO Elon Musk denies hating Apple

Technically Incorrect: Tesla's CEO tries to set the record straight after being quoted as saying that Apple hires the automaker's engineering castoffs and the Apple Watch isn't all that.

By 11 October 2015


Elon Musk says Apple hires engineers that Tesla fires

Technically Incorrect: Tesla's CEO muses that Apple won't find it easy to build a car.

By 9 October 2015