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Simple ways to enhance your Internet privacy

Fortify your browser, opt out of location tracking, and use a virtual private network to hide your IP address.

By 21 June 2013


Spotify apps are a big deal, and a real challenge to iTunes

Spotify's new apps platform has huge potential for the integration of social and gaming services with music, reckons Stuart Dredge.

By 2 December 2011


Apple TV doesn't scare Samsung, but it should do

A Samsung exec has said the company isn't worried by rumours that Apple will be getting involved in TVs.

By 14 February 2012


iPhone 4S is a hit, but iOS 5 is more important

Stuart Dredge argues that iOS 5 is much more important than the iPhone 4S thanks to voice recognition and iTunes Match.

By 12 October 2011


Will Facebook's new features flop? Ask your mum, not Twitter

Our columnist Stuart Dredge was at Facebook's f8 conference this week, with his mum on at him to give Mark Zuckerberg a piece of her mind.

By 23 September 2011


Apple's iPad 3 should have a Kids Edition

Columnist (and proud dad) Stuart Dredge wants an iPad 3 that would satisfy his app-hungry children -- and stop them deleting his email.

By 22 September 2011


Best app store: Android, Apple, Windows or BlackBerry?

Easy to get, easy to use and insanely cheap, apps are the future. Here's our guide to choosing which family of apps is best for you, whether it's Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

By 29 November 2011


Can the Lumia 800 make Nokia a contender again?

Nokia as the comeback kid of 2012? A year ago, it was more likely the formerly dominant mobile maker would have spiralled into irrelevance.

By 27 October 2011


Users complain iOS5 download takes ages

Users have taken to Twitter to complain over how long iOS5 takes to download. How have you been faring?

By 13 October 2011


Comic pokes fun at Facebook's Timeline

An online comic has ridiculed Facebook's new Timeline feature, saying it'll help advertisers rather than users.

By 24 September 2011