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To infinity: How Pixar brought computers to the movies

From CNET Magazine: "Toy Story," the first full-length computer-animated movie, turns 20 this month. Behind Woody and Buzz are a bunch of computer graphics geeks who, with help from Steve Jobs, changed movies forever.

By 12 November 2015


Bravely going where Pixar animation tech has never gone

With "Brave," the hit-making studio broke new ground in the way it animated flowing hair, fur, clothing, and water. And it invented new software to make it all happen.

By 16 June 2012


What I learned from Steve Jobs

Many people have explained what one can learn from Steve Jobs. Guy Kawasaki was there with Jobs, launching the Macintosh and absorbing everything he could from Jobs' singular collection of talents. Here's Kawasaki's list of the top 12 lessons he learned from Steve Jobs.

By 8 October 2011


How technology lifts Pixar's 'Up'

The cluster of balloons carrying a house away couldn't be hand-animated or done individually on a computer. So the studio invented a way to make them look real.

By 27 May 2009


Is there money in being 'green'?

Solar Data Centers, a Web-hosting company, plans to power its servers on electricity generated by solar panels.

By 27 September 2004


Arizona legislator waters down chip-ban bill

Intel's decision to give users a choice as to whether to turn on a security feature in the forthcoming Pentium III chip is enough to make the lawmaker back off his a proposal to ban the chip in his state.

By 29 January 1999


Big Brother is taking a nap

Intel's plans to embed a serial number on the Pentium III has drawn a firestorm of criticism. Bah humbug, says Michael Kanellos.

By 29 January 1999


Arizona lawmaker seeks to ban Pentium III

The chip giant's controversial security scheme has moved a state legislator to seek a ban on the sale or manufacture of the forthcoming chip in the Grand Canyon State.

By 27 January 1999