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Microsoft renames its old Surface computer as PixelSense

Making room for a new Microsoft-branded tablet, the table-top, multitouch computer that Microsoft unveiled in 2007 gets a new name.

By 19 June 2012


Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards honor innovation

With its seventh-annual awards, the magazine celebrates 10 products and 11 leading innovators. As in the past, its editors looked for things and people tackling old problems in new ways, especially if those new methods come at a lower cost.

By 3 October 2011


Elon Musk: In 20 years, most cars will be electric

At TechCrunch Disrupt, the PayPal co-founder and founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX offers his vision of the future, and what would-be entrepreneurs should expect when trying to start new companies.

By 15 September 2011


Google Lunar X Prize contest sets official roster

The competition aims to award the winning team $20 million for sending a robot to the moon and having it travel 500 meters while transmitting data back to Earth.

By 17 February 2011


Robot cars invade California, on orders from Google

Google has been testing self-driving cars on roads in California, according to a report, and so far they've avoided everything but a minor fender bender--caused by a human-driven car.

By 10 October 2010


The next five years of the X Prize

At a gala event Saturday night, the X Prize Foundation rolls out a vision and a plan for the next half-decade. Will it change the world for the better?

By 16 May 2010


A user's guide to robotics higher ed

A high-profile robotics CEO discusses where prospective college students interested in robotics ought to look--and what they should consider.

28 May 2009


Tracking the tech downturn

We follow the economic downturn and its impact on the tech industry, from the industry giants to the scrappy start-ups.

21 January 2009


A computer revolution through a child's eyes

A user interface revolution is upon us: my 3-year-old son can use my iPhone thanks more to its accessibility than his smarts.

By 31 December 2008


How bad is your tech stock doing?

Barron's compiles a list of prominent tech stocks broken down by sector to get a feel for which stocks beat the 5 percent loss average and which exceeded it.

By 18 September 2008