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Learning to fly: Future space tourists train like fighter pilots

With commercial space flight on the horizon, a Pennsylvania training center offers would-be astronauts a chance to experience the rigors of blasting off. CNET sister site SmartPlanet investigates.

By 4 November 2013


Translating math problems into the real world (video)

SRI researcher Phil Vahey finds that visualization techniques and storytelling can help middle-school students struggling with math. SmartPlanet gets a tutorial.

By 24 May 2012


Azumio transforms your phone into a biofeedback device (video)

Startup is using smartphone technology to give users a better picture of their health. SmartPlanet gets a demonstration from Azumio's Jen Grenz.

By 17 May 2012


Robots get sticky fingers (video)

At a robotics forum, SmartPlanet checks out Grabit, which has developed a way for robots to pick up objects using electroadhesion.

By 10 May 2012


Robots at sea, in space, and beyond (video)

SmartPlanet reports from the Future of Robotics in Silicon Valley and Beyond, a forum that aims to advance the state of robotics.

By 10 May 2012


How lizards can help build a better bot (video)

SmartPlanet visits Robert Full's UC Berkeley lab to check out how a red-headed Agama lizard inspired a robot dubbed Tailbot.

By 4 May 2012


SmartPlanet stories on Crave

We've added a bunch of stories focusing on green technology and transport to Crave -- they're all taken from our sister site, SmartPlanet, which has moved to a new home here on CNET UK

By 24 November 2008


Going my way? Zimride matches drivers, passengers (video)

Ride-sharing startup enables users to sell or book empty seats over long distances. SmartPlanet looks at how the company uses Facebook to connect drivers and passengers.

By 9 April 2012


About.me blends the personal, professional you online (video)

About.me, which brings together all of a person's social-media content, is launching a mobile app. SmartPlanet visits its San Francisco offices to get a first look.

By 6 April 2012


SkyLight smartphone-microscope mount: Let's get small (video)

Adapter enables users to capture microscopic images -- of everything from flowers to insects to pathogens -- with their smartphone. SmartPlanet visits SkyLight for a hands-on look at the device.

By 26 March 2012