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Apple iPad Regent Street launch: Apple fans, PR shams and Stephen Fry

We headed to London's Regent Street to see the first punters emerging with their prized iPads. But we quickly discovered the Apple fans had been infiltrated...

9 Images By 28 May 2010


Ro-Sham-Bo on Twitter

Ze Frank, of the Twitter Color Wars, pops up again.

By 28 March 2008


Microsoft's friendly sham

Microsoft is only as open as regulators force it to be.

By 10 March 2008


Fake Nerd Guys: We're on to you, geek wannabes!

Think geek girls are pandering to guys? Think again. This satirical Tumblr flips genders to show how silly it is to judge a geek by his or her glasses.

By 23 December 2013


Apple iPad sells two million in two months

Apple has released two million iPads into the wild in the two months since the much-hyped tablet went on sale

By 1 June 2010


Sky Mobile TV for iPad review: Sports, news and sporting news

After the success of Sky Mobile TV for the iPhone, Sky has launched an iPad-specific version of the live video-streaming service. Read on for pricing and the verdict on whether it's purchase-worthy

By 28 May 2010


ICANN unveils first non-Latin domain names

Following through on its promise to open the Internet to international domain names, ICANN launches its first non-Latin domains for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

By 7 May 2010


BBC iPlayer iPad review: Auntie Beeb on your Apple slab

The iPad officially launches in the UK today, and with it comes a shiny new iPad-optimised iPlayer experience. We go hands-on to give you the skinny on how it looks and how it plays

By 28 May 2010


Microsoft demos next-gen ad technologies

New technologies from Microsoft will help advertisers better target ads to content in search, video, on Web pages, and public kiosks.

By 5 February 2008