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Garmin sat-nav app finds its way to Sony Smart Watch 2

Set yourself a walking route on Garmin's sat-nav app and, if you have Sony's smartwatch, you can follow it on your wrist.

By 23 February 2014


Nokia Here sat-nav apps arrive on any Windows Phone

Nokia is opening up its Here Drive and Here Transit sat-nav and maps apps to all Windows Phone 8 devices, not just Nokia Lumia blowers.

By 9 July 2013


TomTom sat-navs borked by leap year bug

TomTom gadgets worldwide appear to be affected by a bug in the GPS receiver's software. TomTom is working on a solution, but says resetting your device temporarily resolves the issue.

By 3 April 2012


Police use sat-nav data to place speed cameras

TomTom's GPS data can help drivers avoid congestion, but it also helps Dutch police find where people break speed limits. TomTom says that's a no-go.

By 28 April 2011


TomTom sat-nav battles iPhone in Greatest Gadget death match

The TomTom Go Live sat-nav has already beaten the MacBook Pro and the iMac in our Greatest Gadget tournament. Now it's aiming to polish off the iPhone, for an Apple-flavoured hat trick.

By 1 December 2010


TomTom sat-nav steers towards victory in Greatest Gadget underdog shocker

The TomTom Go Live sat-nav is whupping ass in our Greatest Gadget tournament. It's already crushed the MacBook Pro and is set to destroy the iMac too. Can anything stop this rabid underdog?

By 24 November 2010


Google Maps 4.5 for Android: Adds walker sat-nav, funkier Street View

Google has added a pedestrian sat-nav feature to the mobile version of Google Maps on Android, making it easier for people with no sense of direction to find their way around.

By 10 September 2010


Ford puts sat-nav in your rearview mirror

The MirrorNavi can be installed in any Ford car (except the Ranger and 2009 Ka) by Ford garages in the U.K. for about $460 plus installation charges.

By 7 September 2010


Sat-nav Wars: Nokia Ovi Maps records your voice, TomTom offers Darth Vader

The world of sat-navs has been shaken to its very core as Nokia's Ovi Maps let you record your own directions, while TomTom gives you Star Wars voices

By 5 May 2010


Google Maps Navigation UK review: Free sat-nav software for Android

Google Maps Navigation hit the UK this morning, bringing free sat-nav software to most Android-powered phones, and packing some unique Google-powered features

7 Images By 21 April 2010