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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


Samsung Galaxy S5 waves goodbye to the S4 in Podcast 375

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 taking a bow in just a couple of weeks, we ask if the S4 was a success or failure.

By 6 February 2014


Samsung seeks mistrial over Apple's flag-waving

An attorney for Apple cautions the jury that patent infringement destroys economies and companies, much like what happened with US TV makers. A judge denies Samsung's mistrial request.

By 19 November 2013


Samsung Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y weave Bada 2 magic

Samsung's Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y are a fresh batch of smart phones running the new Bada 2.0 operating system.

By 30 August 2011


Samsung Wave 2 and Samsung Wave 2 Pro lap at the shore

The Samsung Wave 2 and Samsung Wave 2 Pro continue the watery theme of the Samsung Wave, offering touchscreen phones with the Bada operating system

By 15 June 2010


Samsung Wave 3 lands in Europe, on its way to UK?

The Bada-powered Samsung Wave 3 is out in France today -- could a UK launch be imminent as well?

By 28 November 2011


Samsung Wave 578 is an Orange NFC phone

Orange wants you to pay for stuff using your phone with the Samsung Wave 578, but it only works with Barclays accounts.

By 23 September 2011


Samsung rolls out wave of new Bada phones

Samsung has been keeping busy at the IFA consumer electronics in Berlin, with the debut of a new tablet, smartphone, and three new Bada OS handsets.

By 1 September 2011


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Note and Wave 3 could be 'something big'

Samsung's 'big' new stuff -- leaked ahead of next week's IFA show -- includes an Android phone, a Honeycomb tablet and a Bada phone.

By 26 August 2011


Samsung Wave 2 is the next wave of Bada in hands-on photos

The Wave 2 connects to the Web, shoots hi-def video and downloads apps. It's a pretty smart phone, for a phone that isn't a smart phone.

6 Images By 18 February 2011


Pay attention: Zwipe is a credit card with a fingerprint sensor

A new biometric bank card aims to give you peace of mind when you pay for items.

By 17 October 2014