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Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 crams a gorgeous display, lightning-fast processor and powerful camera into one of the slimmest, lightest smart phones we've ever had the pleasure to hold. The Android operating system could be more user-friendly, but it's never felt faster.

By 4 August 2011

4.5 stars Editors' rating 4 August 2011

Typical price: £500.00


Android 4.1 launches for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

The Jelly Bean version of Android is now available for AT&T subscribers who own the Samsung phone.

By 12 April 2013


Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S2 scores Jelly Bean update

Android 4.1 comes to the Samsung Galaxy S2, breathing fresh air into the popular and aging Sprint smartphone.

By 29 March 2013


Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note denied Android 5.0, report says

Reports claim that Samsung's much-loved S2 and Note won't be getting any updates past Jelly Bean.

By 18 March 2013


Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Jelly Bean next month, not in UK yet

Jelly Bean is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S2 in February in Singapore. Fingers crossed for a British update too.

By 16 January 2013


Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is the S2 plus Jelly Bean, not in UK

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is back in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, with Jelly Bean -- but not here in Britain.

By 10 January 2013


Samsung Galaxy S2 available at Wal-Mart with no annual contract

Offered through T-Mobile, the new plan offers unlimited Internet access and texting for just $30 a month and no annual subscription.

By 5 September 2012


How to record calls on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3

Did you know you're only a hop, skip and an app from being able to record calls on your Galaxy S2? Find out how with our handy guide.

By 22 August 2012


Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus spied, 'S3 Mini' tipped for Christmas

Rumours of two new Galaxy phones are doing the rounds -- read on for all the info.

By 21 August 2012


How to print from your Samsung Galaxy S2

Want to print directly from your Galaxy S2? You're just an app and our how-to guide away from mobile printing nirvana.

By 17 August 2012