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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone

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Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale early, but don't tell Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is on sale in Korea ahead of its official release date, and no one's more surprised than Samsung.

By 27 March 2014


Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Which of Samsung's three biggest blowers is top dog? We compare the S2, the Note and the Nexus.

By 24 November 2011


Apple iPad Air 2 vs. Google Nexus 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S

See how the newly unveiled Apple iPad Air 2 compares to its Android tablet competitors: the Google Nexus 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

By 16 October 2014


Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch 14 March, Samsung confirms

Samsung's next flagship is set to be unveiled next month, a company exec has confirmed.

By 25 February 2013


Samsung Galaxy S3 sells 30 million, Samsung plots new logo

The Galaxy S3 is still popular, Samsung's figures suggest. Meanwhile the South Korean company is plotting a brand overhaul.

By 6 November 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB delayed not cancelled, says Samsung

The most bodaciously capacious model of this year's most mighty smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, has been delayed.

By 18 July 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 won't have faster data, Samsung admits

Samsung has admitted that the S3 won't support DC-HSPA after all. Dagnabbit!

By 22 May 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 quad-core chip confirmed by Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be powered by a quad-core chip clocked at above 1.4GHz.

By 26 April 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 outed by Samsung in official app

Samsung may have outed the Galaxy S3 name in the description for an official launch app. It's likely to just be a keyword though.

By 24 April 2012


Samsung touts Galaxy Note 4's resilience in drop-test video

In the wake of the iPhone 6 Plus' "Bendgate" drama, the South Korean tech giant has published a video touting the toughness of its upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

By 8 October 2014