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ZDNet's Rupert Goodwins argues the HTC Desire HD is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Rupert Goodwins hails the HTC Desire HD as the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century for its multifaceted functionality and, above all, unequivocal openness. Do you agree?

By 12 November 2010


Why 'outdated' Turing test is no longer the gold standard of AI

A chatbot pretending to be a 13-year-old boy recently passed the famous artificial intelligence test, its creators claim. But does Turing's test really tell us anything about AI?

By 10 June 2014


RIP Windows XP: The last of the great operating systems (video)

With support for the 12-year-old OS coming to a close, Adventures in Tech delivers a video eulogy, and explains why no operating system will ever match the significance of Windows XP.

By 7 April 2014


Google Nexus 4 shipping in the US, UK still out of luck

Google is shipping small batches of its Nexus 4 phone to customers in the US, but UK shelves are still empty.

By 27 November 2012


Outlook.com replaces Hotmail, breaks Windows Phone services

Outlook.com is Microsoft's new look for email. But Windows Phone customers shouldn't switch their address just yet.

By 1 August 2012


Dennis Ritchie, father of C programming language, dies

In addition to C, the pioneering computer scientist made significant contributions to Unix and received many awards honoring his work.

By 13 October 2011


Reaction to Google's Motorola buy: 'Stick that up yer bum, Steve'

Google's buying Motorola's phone division, it announced today. But what does it mean? Aggressive Apple-proofing is a theme as we look to your reaction.

By 15 August 2011


The 50 people CNET UK follows on Twitter and why

The @cnetuk account is following just 50 of the most interesting, entertaining and informative people around. Find out if you're on the list and help us make it better.

By 8 July 2011


Are you a PHP developer with mad skills? We need you!

We're looking for an experienced PHP developer to support our ongoing efforts to fill the Internet with amazingness. We'd love to hear from you.

By 11 April 2011


Aircraft Wi-Fi fears won't fly

Testing reveals the potential for Wi-Fi interference with certain Honeywell displays in some Boeing 737NG aircraft. Which is a lot different from saying there's a real-world problem.

By 10 March 2011