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CNET UK Podcast 213: Rory Reid versus Robert Llewellyn

Along with our favourite news stories and our salivating over the week's best gadgets, we stuck Rory Reid and Red Dwarf's Kryten in a car together to settle their differences over electric cars.

By 26 November 2010


Buzz Out Loud: Rory Reid live in Las Vegas!

Fan of the Crave podcast? Then listen to Rory Reid making a special guest appearance on CNET.com's Buzz Out Loud podcast, live from CES in Las Vegas

By 11 January 2007


Tim Cook's camera skills, LG's always-on screen tease and a Sonic the Hedgehog movie (CNET UK podcast 468 show notes)

This week we offer our hearty congratulations to our old friend Rory Reid, who's just been announced as a new "Top Gear" presenter. Plus, all the tech news that's fit to chat about and a super-fast Sonic quiz.

By 12 February 2016


Gran Turismo 5 gamers compete for real-life racing job in GT Academy

CNET UK editor Rory Reid visits the Gran Turismo 5 academy at Silverstone.

By 16 June 2011


Can we drive 856 miles from England to Austria on one tank of fuel?

CNET Car Tech UK editors Rory Reid and Drew Stearne attempt to drive 856 miles, from England to Austria, on one tank of diesel in a Volvo S60.

By 6 May 2011


Why the USB memory stick is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Many people ask Rory Reid for gadget advice. He tends to ignore them, but on the rare occasion he's compelled to respond, his answer is always the same: get a USB memory key. Here's why.

By 5 November 2010


CNET UK Podcast 176: Geneva Motor Show special

This week on the podcast an ill Rory Reid joined a recently recovered Flora Graham, and a perfectly healthy Ian Morris to talk about the Geneva Motor Show and the week's tech news

By 5 March 2010


CNET UK Podcast 150: Is Windows 7 a total rip-off?

This week Nate's joined by podcast veteran Rory Reid, and special guest Drew Stearne -- producer of our award-winning Car Tech shows -- to talk Windows 7, robot chefs and steam-powered cars

By 28 August 2009


iPhone vs. Netbook rally car challenge

CNET editor Rory Reid tries to type on both a Netbook and iPhone while being driven around at extreme speeds.

By 22 May 2009


iPhone vs. Netbook rally challenge

CNET UK's Rory Reid jumps into a European rallycross car and pits the iPhone against an Asus Eee PC in an extreme typing test. You may be surprised by the results.

22 May 2009