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CNET UK Podcast 213: Rory Reid versus Robert Llewellyn

Along with our favourite news stories and our salivating over the week's best gadgets, we stuck Rory Reid and Red Dwarf's Kryten in a car together to settle their differences over electric cars.

By 26 November 2010


Geeky experience gifts for Christmas

Splatting zombies in a shopping centre beats doing it on Xbox -- it's one of our top 10 experience gifts in this round-up.

By 29 November 2012


Red Dwarf back on TV and back on form tonight

Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, and the Cat are back on form with the return of Red Dwarf on Dave tonight.

By 4 October 2012


The Gadget Show World Tour vs Gadget Geeks

The Gadget Show is back -- how will techtastic twosome Jason and Polly face up to the competition from Sky's rival Gadget Geeks?

By 27 March 2012


CNET UK Podcast 271: So long SOPA

The Internet has defeated SOPA and PIPA -- but does the war against piracy continue?

By 20 January 2012


iPhone 4S gets Siri for intelligent voice control

Siri is the new voice-control software for the iPhone 4S that lets you do all kinds of tasks without ever needing to touch the screen.

By 4 October 2011


Liquid flow battery could slash electric car charge times

A liquid battery that could allow electric cars to be recharged in minutes at existing petrol stations has been created by MIT scientists.

By 8 August 2011


CNET UK Podcast 246: The second coming of TV

The CNET UK podcast team grab the remote and channel-surf the latest news in the world of technology, from the MacBook Air and BlackBerry PlayBook to fighter jets and skydiving iPhones.

By 22 July 2011


Gran Turismo 5 gamers compete for real-life racing job in GT Academy

CNET UK editor Rory Reid visits the Gran Turismo 5 academy at Silverstone.

By 16 June 2011


Design the official CNET UK badge in our new contest!

Don't die forgotten and alone. Pin your hopes on being remembered by designing a badge for CNET UK! Entries are open to design a badge you and we can wear with pride.

By 15 June 2011