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CNET UK Podcast 213: Rory Reid versus Robert Llewellyn

Along with our favourite news stories and our salivating over the week's best gadgets, we stuck Rory Reid and Red Dwarf's Kryten in a car together to settle their differences over electric cars.

By 26 November 2010


Red Dwarf back on TV and back on form tonight

Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, and the Cat are back on form with the return of Red Dwarf on Dave tonight.

By 4 October 2012


Robert Llewelyn: If you have to burn stuff to make it, it's not 'green'

Actor, presenter, geek and electric car fan Robert Llewellyn opens a series of columns on green tech with a rant about, er, calling it 'green tech'.

By 7 September 2011


Liquid flow battery could slash electric car charge times

A liquid battery that could allow electric cars to be recharged in minutes at existing petrol stations has been created by MIT scientists.

By 8 August 2011


Votes tied in our electric car poll but there's still time to make a difference

After 24 hours, our electric car poll is tighter than a gnat's nostril and it looks as if we're on course for a dead heat. But there's still time to cast your vote!

By 17 June 2011


BMW i3 and i8 electric and hybrid cars inaugurate i range

Heads up, posh hippies. BMW's dipped its toes into the world of ethically sourced, sustainably powered motoring with the advent of a new 'i' sub brand.

By 21 February 2011


Ecotricity Nemesis is British electric supercar set to challenge Tesla

UK-based energy company Ecotricity has taken the wraps off what it says is Britain's first electric supercar, but how does the Nemesis compare to the market-leading Tesla Roadster?

By 16 November 2010