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HTC Desire 510 offers affordable 4G (hands-on)

If you desperately want 4G, the Desire 510 won't break the bank. CNET's Rich Trenholm finds out if it's worth the cost.

By 2 September 2014


Why the Sky Now TV Box is my favourite gadget of 2013

If Rich Trenholm had to pick one highlight of 2013, it would be the Sky Now TV Box, turning any telly into a smart TV for just £10. He explains why it's his favourite product of the year.

By 19 December 2013


Should I see 'The Avengers' in 3D?

You'd think 3D would be made for a larger-than-life film like this, but is it? CNET UK's Rich Trenholm puts on the 3D specs and gives it a look.

By 30 April 2012


HTC One X is a quad-core ICS powerhouse in hands-on video

Rich Trenholm tackles the mighty quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich-packing HTC One X in this hands-on video from MWC 2012.

By 27 February 2012


Acer beTouch E110 early review

CNET UK's Rich Trenholm takes a closer peek at the Acer BeTouch E110.

By 15 February 2010


Why I don't want an iPhone anymore

CNET UK's Rich Trenholm used to love the iPhone. Which makes it all the more weird that just a few short years later, he wouldn't be seen dead with one.

By 28 November 2011


Acer brings the Android love with Liquid E, Ferrari, and beTouch phones

CNET UK's Rich Trenholm gives us an early look at the Acer beTouch E110 at Mobile World Congress 2010.

By 15 February 2010


Why the iMac is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

There are faster computers. There are more powerful computers. But they're extras, not movie stars like the Apple iMac. Here's why Rich Trenholm thinks it's the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century.

By 8 November 2010


CNET UK Podcast 169: Natali Del Conte joins us in Vegas

In a special, one-off live show, Ian was joined by podcast regular Rich Trenholm and podcast megafan Natali Del Conte, who reviewed all the most exciting tech from the showfloor at CES 2010

By 14 January 2010


The CNET UK Podcast - Live from CES 2010

This week on a very special transatlantic edition of the CNET UK Podcast, Ian Morris, Rich Trenholm, and Natali Del Conte sat down to talk a bit about the best of CES this year. From Sony's Dash, through to the Boxee Box all the coolest gadgets from this year's show got discussed.

By 12 January 2010