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The 404 207: Where Justin has eaten Phil Ryan's cookies

Former CNET Photo expert and current PopPhoto.com editor Phil Ryan sneaks by security to join the show. We talk cameras, the rules for conjugal visits, iPhone apps that make prank calling easier, and, of course, plenty of poo-poo jokes.

By 16 October 2008


Where Phil Ryan says you're nothing if you don't have integrity

Writers are back on the job, Knight Rider and its disease ridden red headed step-child plus Apple TV nets an update and Spore... it's coming fool.

By 13 February 2008


Fujifilm FinePix S100FS

At PMA 2008, Phil Ryan take a look at the Fujifilm FinePix S100FS, which includes a 28-400mm zoom lens, among other features.

22 May 2008


Where the opinions of Phil J. Ryan are not necessarily those of the 404

The legendary Phil Ryan makes his last appearance on The 404 as a CNET employee as we talk about the Netflix player, the 3G iPhone, and strange clouds above China right before the earthquake. It's an interesting show today, sorry if we came close to offe

By 20 May 2008


Where we're not even gonna talk about Miley Cyrus until she's 18

Randall Bennett is out today playing his copy of Grand Theft Auto IV. It's for "work purposes." He promises. Meanwhile, Phil Ryan joins Jeff Bakalar and Wilson G. Tang to talk about the New York Times' interesting GTA IV review.

By 29 April 2008


Where Wilson is in bed with a cougar named Melissa

On today's show Phil Ryan and Caroline McCarthy help Jeff get through a lonely Friday. We'll talk about gorilla suit workshops, a California beer tax, and this weekend's disasters at the box office. All that plus an entertainment report from Kamini!

By 11 April 2008