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3D TV face-off: Panasonic VT20 vs Samsung C8000 vs Sony HX903

3D is here and there are already an incredible number of TVs on the market for you to choose from. To help you decide, we'll run you through the pros and cons of three of our favourite sets

By 4 August 2010


MyGear: Peter Cook's projector set-up

The second in our photo series of reader's entertainment systems displays Peter Cook's penchant for PVRs and projectors.

By 3 May 2011


3D TV appeals to just 2 per cent of Brits

A mere 2 per cent of people in the UK are planning to buy a 3D-enabled telly in the next year, according to a new survey.

By 26 August 2010


Sony Bravia NX713 and NX813: 3D or not 3D? That is the question

The new Sony Bravia NX713 and NX813 TVs give you the choice of whether to include 3D capability with a smart add-on.

By 20 August 2010



CNET experts answer questions about 3D TV display technology, and 3D LCD and plasma TVs from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, and more. Read this blog post by David Katzmaier on Crave.

By 12 March 2010