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James Cameron will set up your Panasonic 3D TV for you. Sort of

Panasonic has an exclusive on the Avatar 3D Blu-ray, so James Cameron has popped up to fulfil his contractual obligation and explain how to set up your TV.

By 8 November 2010


3D 'Avatar' to Blu-ray in December; exclusive to Panasonic 3D TVs

In December the 3D version of the "Avatar" Blu-ray disc will be made available exclusively to purchasers of Panasonic 3D plasma TVs.

By 2 September 2010


Blu-ray 3D films coming with Panasonic 3D TVs

Panasonic is bundling two 3D films with its 3D HDTVs. The films will not be sold in stores until the offer runs out in July.

By 19 May 2010


Who will buy the first Panasonic 3D TV?

On March 10, Best Buy will officially start selling Panasonic's new 3D TVs at a store in downtown Manhattan. Panasonic has invited the press to take pictures and shoot video of the first person to buy one of the new sets.

By 3 March 2010


Panasonic 3D TV hands on

First impressions and shed-loads of pictures and info from CNET Australia's first-hand look at a prototype of Panasonic's upcoming 50-inch 3D plasma TV.

10 Images By 22 February 2010


Sony and Samsung lock up their 4K content, risking the future of the format

By keeping current 4K content offerings proprietary, Sony and Samsung could hamper 4K adoption. Here's why.

By 22 May 2014


3D success still coming into focus

While developments like the Nintendo 3DS price cut could represent a tough break for 3D products, cheaper 3D TVs and a greater consumer appetite for content could bode well for 3D across a range of devices.

By 12 August 2011


Avatar gets 3D Blu-ray release, comes with free Panasonic 3DTV

Avatar is finally landing in living rooms in glorious three-dimensional Blu-ray high definition -- it'll cost you a few grand, but you'll get a free Panasonic 3D television thrown in.

By 1 November 2010


James Cameron blasts Harry Potter 3D fiasco

James Cameron hasn't minced words over the Harry Potter 3D debacle. With Warner Bros set to lose up to £50 million, could this be the end of 3D cinema?

By 5 November 2010


Ceatec 2010: Hands on with Panasonic's 3D camera

Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds camera with 3D lens fares much better in bright light, we found after taking it for a brief spin at the annual Tokyo gadget fest.

By 5 October 2010