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Olympus Micro Four Thirds debutant picture leaks: It's the E-P1

Olympus's long-awaited Micro Four Thirds model has a name: the E-P1. Click the story to see a first picture, and have your say on what this new market sector should be called...

By 8 June 2009


Olympus Micro Four Thirds concept: Lounge lizard

The Olympus Micro Four Thirds concept on show at Photokina is one louche lounge lizard of a camera. It might not work, but it looks the part

By 22 September 2008


Olympus to flesh out pro lens line with supertele, ultrawide

A 7-14mm f2.8 lens and 300mm f4 lens are due to arrive in 2015 for Olympus Micro Four Thirds shooters. Expect quality, but not a bargain.

By 12 February 2014


Photokina 2012: predictions and rumours

What will be the hottest camera announcements at Photokina in Germany this year?

By 31 July 2012


Is this Nikon's mirrorless system camera?

Over at DCHome's forum, a user posted a pic of what seems to be Nikon's concept for a snapper that'll compete in the same ranks as the Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds, Samsung NX, and Sony NEX format.

By 22 November 2010


Olympus Pen E-PL1s invites Micro Four Thirds confusion

Is it one Olympus Pen E-PL1s, singular, or is it several Olympus Pen E-PL1s, plural? See what we have to put up with as we bring your the best of technology.

By 17 November 2010


More of the Olympus E-P1

After the first birds-eye shots of the new Olympus micro four thirds camera leaked onto the internet last week, it seems the front-on shots have finally emerged. And they look pretty exciting.

By 16 June 2009


Olympus firmware speeds up PEN-camera autofocus. But enough?

With its latest firmware update for the PEN Micro Four Thirds cameras, Olympus addresses problems with the line's autofocus speed. The beta version we tested only partly delivers, though.

By 15 April 2010


Sony's magical mystery cameras

All the interesting stuff Sony announced at the show is pretty much still on the drawing board.

By 21 February 2010


Pentax Optio H90 and E90: Brand new you're retro

If there's anything we like more than crowbarring song titles into our headlines, it's quirky new cameras such as the retro Pentax Optio H90, announced today with the super-cheap E90

By 26 January 2010