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Nokia XL puts Nokia's Android on a 5-inch phone

Nokia's unique twist on Android arrives on a larger phone, that still has an impressively low price

By 24 February 2014


Nokia takes aim at iPhone 5 camera in new Lumia ad

The ad for the Lumia 925 disses Apple's 'quantity not quality' approach to camera tech.

By 6 August 2013


Nokia Lumia 1020 shootout versus Galaxy S4, iPhone 5

Can the Lumia 1020's 41-megapixel sensor and PureView processing make it the top smartphone camera? So far, so good.

By 24 July 2013


Nokia and HTC mock Samsung Galaxy S5 launch (badly)

In tweets timed to, um, disrupt Samsung's unveiling of its S5, two rivals don't quite hit funny.

By 24 February 2014


Nokia Lumia 920 camera vs. HTC Windows Phone 8X vs. iPhone 5

A three-way camera showdown pits two new Windows phones against the iPhone 5's gold standard.

By 2 November 2012


Nokia loses top 5 spot, Samsung ships 56m smart phones

Nokia is out of the top-five smart phone sellers list, replaced by the also-struggling RIM.

By 26 October 2012


iPhone 5 mocked by Nokia in colourful Lumia 920 ad

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the latest phone to take a pop at the iPhone 5.

By 3 October 2012


New Nokia ad: iPhone 5 is colorless

If you're not bashing the iPhone 5, you're not doing business. So Nokia finds a very pretty way of suggesting that Apple's new phone is drab when compared with the Lumia 920.

By 2 October 2012


Nokia: Here's why the Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5

The company has taken to Facebook to tout the 920's perceived pluses over Apple's new iPhone.

By 21 September 2012


Now Nokia joins the anti-iPhone 5 party

Not to be outdone by Samsung's ad against Apple's new phone, Nokia sends out a tweet, which curiously uses Samsung's line. Is judge Lucy Koh ready for this?

By 17 September 2012