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Memories of Warcraft: Fans including Duncan Jones remember their WoW experiences

As the film "Warcraft: The Beginning" hits theatres, we join director Duncan Jones to remember the best, worst and weirdest times we've spent playing the famous game.

By 3 June 2016


Why the retina iPad mini is my favourite gadget of 2013

With its retina-quality screen and the most powerful chip, this was the tablet Nick Hide was waiting for. He explains why it's his product of the year.

By 17 December 2013


Google chairman writes decent iPhone switching how-to

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has written a how-to guide to switching from iPhone to Android. Nick Hide, who commissions how-tos for CNET UK, rates his work.

By 25 November 2013


CNET UK Podcast 152: Will 3D TV make videogames even better?

This week, Nate's joined by CNET UK's chief sub-editor, Nick Hide, and CBS Interactive video producer Ash Denton, discussing whether 3D TVs will usher in the next generation of videogaming

By 11 September 2009


Real Life: The BT Home Hub baby monitor

BT promises easy setup, fast connections and an unobtrusive, Apple-y piece of kit with its Home Hub. Well, two out of three ain't bad. Crave's Nick Hide just got one...

By 15 August 2006


Nick's Christmas shopping: fly me to the moon

One small step for Nick Hide, one giant leap for his Christmas dinner. In a desperate bid to banish travel sickness forever, Nick asks Santa to send him into space

By 21 December 2005