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Time-travel, tigers and hobbits in the best tech films of 2012

We run through our favourite films of the year that featured cracking gadgets or boundary-pushing cinema tech.

By 24 December 2012


Nexus 4 and Raspberry Pi star in CNET UK's Products of the Year

As the year draws to a close the CNET UK team takes a moment to reflect on their personal highlights of the past 12 months.

By 18 December 2012


iOS 6 Maps vs iOS 5 Maps vs Android Maps

Cartography clash! The iOS 6 Maps app is coming under fire -- so how does it compare with iOS 5's offering, and the Android alternative?

By 20 September 2012


Star Wars: The Old Republic turning free as players dwindle

The World of Warcraft rival will become free to play this autumn, in the face of falling subscriber numbers.

By 1 August 2012


16GB Nexus 7 sells out, sign up now for an update

The higher capacity version of Google's tablet has sold out, for now at least.

By 22 July 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 invite examined by our experts and readers

What can we glean from Samsung's cryptic 'Galaxy' invite? Our crack team of experts get speculating.

By 16 April 2012


Facebook Timeline reminds you what a berk you were in 2008

The social network is rolling out its new timeline feature, which makes your profile more of a personalised, MySpace-like home page.

By 15 December 2011


Apple TV set will be Siri controlled, launch 2013

The forthcoming Apple TV will be voice-controlled, according to an anonymous source. Siri's about to invade your lounge.

By 27 October 2011


Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday celebrated in 8-bit style

The Queen frontman's 65th birthday is celebrated in an animated Google doodle, with Freddie flying on the back of a tiger. Naturally.

By 5 September 2011


Is this the iPhone 5? Read our analysis

A blurry photo has emerged that may show an Apple employee using the iPhone 5. But is it the real deal? Join us as we stroke our beards in contemplation.

By 29 July 2011