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Sony Xperia U twinkles prettily in hands-on video

Natasha Lomas goes hands-on with the characterful, colourful Sony Xperia U at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

By 27 February 2012


Paralyzed woman takes home ReWalk power legs

Claire Lomas of England has become the first person in the world to begin home use of the powered exoskeleton that helped her walk the London Marathon.

By 5 September 2012


New Nokia Lumias and Galaxy S3 NFC app in Phone News video

Natasha takes a gander at what Nokia and Microsoft might be getting ready to unbox at their joint press conference tomorrow.

By 4 September 2012


iPhone 5 gets nano-SIM, slimmer screen in Phone News video

Natasha discusses all the latest iPhone 5 rumours in this week's Phone News video.

By 17 July 2012


Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Gingerbread in video

ICS is rolling out for Samsung's Galaxy S2 -- but is it that different? Natasha takes a look at some of the new features in this video.

By 15 March 2012


Booth babes and burlesque: Tech's tiresome little secret

With Mobile World Congress around the corner, Natasha takes exception to Microsoft's burlesque-themed MWC party.

By 20 February 2012


Galaxy Note 2 and Microsoft's Surface in Phone News video

Fix your peepers on this week's Phone News video in which Natasha talks Microsoft tablets, Jelly Beans and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

By 20 June 2012


Barclays Pingit mobile money app: Is it any good?

The bank's new mobile money transfer app is good for sending up to £300 a day via SMS. Natasha gives her balanced view.

By 16 February 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 battery performs well in our tests

Natasha's put the Samsung Galaxy S3's battery through its paces and the results don't look too bad at all.

By 28 May 2012


HTC's Desire X promises 'best-in-class camera'

The new Desire X from HTC sits squarely in the middle of the company's One series, but delivers more features than you might think.

By 30 August 2012