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Sony Xperia U twinkles prettily in hands-on video

Natasha Lomas goes hands-on with the characterful, colourful Sony Xperia U at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

By 27 February 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 battery performs well in our tests

Natasha's put the Samsung Galaxy S3's battery through its paces and the results don't look too bad at all.

By 28 May 2012


HTC's Desire X promises 'best-in-class camera'

The new Desire X from HTC sits squarely in the middle of the company's One series, but delivers more features than you might think.

By 30 August 2012


Jimmy Wales on what's next for Wikipedia

Founder of the online community-written encyclopedia talks to Silicon.com about what's next for the site and why it needs geeks of all kinds.

By 6 November 2009


CNET UK's Samsung Galaxy S III review: 'Ferrari of Android'

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone earns CNET UK's praise days before its May 29 U.K. release.

By 24 May 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 delays and camera test in Phone News video

Andrew Hoyle discusses the Samsung Galaxy S3's delays, its camera test results and the Facebook phone in this week's Phone News video.

By 29 May 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 quad-core chip confirmed by Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be powered by a quad-core chip clocked at above 1.4GHz.

By 26 April 2012


HTC One X owners fixing battery problem by themselves

HTC One X owners are applying an unofficial patch for the HTC One X that reportedly boosts battery by 10 per cent.

By 16 April 2012


Nokia Lumia 710 is a cheap, chubby charmer in video review

Nokia has just unleashed its second Windows Phone handet, the Lumia 710, on the British public. Take a look at Natasha's video review.

By 14 February 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 review updated after long-term testing

We've updated our review of the year's most important Android phone with additional testing, observations and screenshots galore.

By 24 July 2012