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Heads up DIYers, supply of Intel circuit boards may dry up

If a report from Asia is accurate, Intel motherboards will become a scarce commodity when Intel's next-generation Haswell chip launches in June.

By 6 March 2013


MSI Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi: HD touchscreen gaming boombox

MSI announces its all-in-one PC, the Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi, which boasts an in-built hi-fi system and a Full HD multi-touch enabled screen

By 15 February 2010


MSI Wind U135 early review: Pine fresh

Today we got our hands on MSI's Wind U135 and after several hours of staring at it, we can definitely, absolutely, without hesitation, conclude it's a netbook -- and a pretty decent one at that

5 Images By 8 February 2010


MSI Wind U135 Netbook joins Pine Trail party

Updating the Atom processor line to N450 means a whole lot of Netbooks getting unexciting updates. Here's another.

By 26 January 2010


MSI Wind U135: Pine Trail blazer

Behold the Wind U135. It's the first netbook we've seen to use Intel's next-gen, 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor, a clever little chip that gives this device several advantages over its predecessors

5 Images By 7 January 2010


MSI announces new higher-end Wind Top all-in-one

MSI's new Wind Top AE2420 offers performance-oriented components.

By 7 January 2010


MSI Wind U130 and U135 with Intel Atom N450: Cheap netbook alert

Intel's crazy new Atom N450 chip promises to make netbooks even cheaper than they are today. MSI's leading the charge with its U130 and U135 netbooks, from just £230

By 21 December 2009


MSI's 3.5G Wind 120 coming in November, offer subsidized by Taiwanese Telecom

MSI's Wind 120 might come sooner than we expected, and Taiwan leads the way with 3G bundling.

By 21 October 2008


Score an MSI Wind U90 Netbook for $195 shipped

What's the catch? It's not what you think. The U90 sports an 80GB hard drive and plenty of other amenities. Just beware the driver-challenged Linux OS--which you can always replace.

By 12 May 2009


MSI Wind Top AE1900, AE2200: Imminent all-in-one nettops

MSI really has no shame. Not content with jumping on the Eee PC bandwagon with its Wind netbooks, it’s just announced a couple of Wind Top nettops, inspired by the Asus Eee Top

6 Images By 21 April 2009