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Motorola Defy XT (U.S. Cellular)

The Motorola Defy XT doesn't fear dust and water, but lacks the strength to power through smartphone tasks with speed.

By 13 September 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 13 September 2012

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Motorola Defy Mini

Although it lags behind the pack in terms of raw technological power, the dinky Motorola Defy Mini offers a cheap yet tough package that should prove ideal for younger, less conscientious owners. Seasoned Android fans won't find anything too alluring here though.

By 1 May 2012

3 stars Editors' rating 1 May 2012

Typical price: £150.00


The rugged Motorola Defy XT for U.S. Cellular

The $99.99 Motorola Defy XT Android smartphone for U.S. Cellular is rugged enough to survive water, dust, and drops despite its small size.

By 28 August 2012

Editors' Take

Motorola Defy+

If your middle name is butterfingers and you're tired of reading texts through a cracked screen, the Defy+ has a tough-nut exterior that should bring you peace of mind.

By 29 February 2012

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Hands-on with the Republic Wireless Motorola Defy XT

The latest phone from the $19/month carrier is a vast improvement over its predecessor, but what about the service itself?

By 13 August 2012


Republic Wireless reopens $19 service, sells Motorola Defy XT

The heavily hyped service, which promises an all-you-can-eat plan for just $19.99 a month, is finally adding more customers again.

By 31 July 2012


Motorola Defy+ hands-on

1 March 2012


Motorola Defy Mini getting rugged in the UK in late March

Commence Defy-nal countdown! The rugged Motorola Defy Mini will be arriving in the UK in late March.

By 14 February 2012


Motorola Defy+ JCB edition is a phone built for builders

The JCB limited edition version of the Motorola Defy+ rugged Android smart phone includes built-in apps for builders.

By 17 January 2012