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The Apprentice app episode didn't appeal to Apple

Did you watch The Apprentice last night? The latest batch of horrendously deluded egos in suits designed an app -- but even Lord Sugar can't get an app past Apple.

By 12 May 2011


CNET UK is 5 years old!

It's our birthday, and we'll cry if we want to. Yes, CNET UK is 5 years old today -- and we're looking back at the best bits of the last five years

By 18 May 2010


Surf Canyon targets relevant results via browser extension

Start up launches browser add-on that helps refine results on major search engines.

By 19 February 2008


CNET Networks UK launches CNET TV

Online video fans rejoice with the launch of a brand, spanking new place to get original and exceptionally charming online video: behold the awesome videotastic webbiness that is -- CNET TV!

By 20 November 2007


What your favourite Web sites say about you

Are MySpace users inherently promiscuous? Does Facebook turn you into a social recluse? Over the next few pages we aim to discover exactly what our surfing habits say about us

By 10 September 2007


CNET.co.uk gets a new home page

More beautiful you say? And we look younger? Not at all -- it's just that CNET.co.uk has had some 'work' done on our home page. A nip here, a tuck there -- and a little Botox around the templates...

By 19 July 2007


Why I am on top

They tweak, we fiddle, they tinker, we noodle -- search engine and Web site circling each other warily: not so much a dance as a knife-fight

By 6 March 2007


Want to work for CNET.co.uk?

We're looking for experienced product reviewers to join our crack team online technology experts. The company is delightful, the work is interesting, and the toys are very, very shiny... look into my eyes, look directly into my eyes

By 15 November 2006


Crave Talk: Here comes the cable virgin

Having problems with your NTL or Telewest cable service? From the beginning of next year they will be packaged under the Virgin brand with a much more friendly logo. So that's alright then

By 8 November 2006


Editors' Choice Awards 2006: And the winners are...

It's time to announce the winners of this year's Editors' Choice 2007 Awards -- which we hope will help you pick the product that's right for you. Click here find out our pick for the best camera, mobile phone, laptop and more...

By 2 October 2006