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Now with Streaming Stick, Roku isn't sweating the blitz

Apple, Amazon, and Google may well roll out or refresh rivals to Roku's video-streaming devices, but Roku believes that will only make it stronger, a top executive tells CNET.

By 5 March 2014


'Everything from Velcro to Tang,' and other great CNET comments this week

Each week, we round up some of the most thoughtful comments from the CNET community. Here are some of this week's best.

By 13 August 2013


CNET's Twitter team for CES 2013

Here's who to follow for the best CES 2013 coverage, period.

By 3 January 2013


3D Printer Build Week: Day One

3D printers will come ready-made soon, but what's it like building one of the many DIY kits out there? This week, we find out.

By 14 February 2012


CNET's Twitter team for CES 2012

All your tweets are belong to CNET at CES 2012! Here's who to follow for the best CES coverage on the planet.

By 6 January 2012


Kindle Fire leads Amazon onslaught (roundup)

Taking direct aim at competitors like Barnes & Noble and Apple, Amazon announces three new e-readers and its first ever tablet, all priced below $200.

By 2 October 2011


Electric-car race could strain lithium battery supply

With lithium ion batteries becoming the power pack of choice for a new wave of plug-in electric cars, more people are studying the question of worldwide supply.

By 31 October 2008


The Real Deal podcast archive

Here's the back-catalog of The Real Deal podcast episodes.

By 14 May 2008


Lucasfilm nets six technical Academy Award nominations

ILM touted for visual effects on Transformers and Pirates; Skywalker Sound nominated for sound editing on Ratatouille, There Will be Blood.

By 22 January 2008


For disruptive technologies, look to material sciences

Lux Research president Matthew Nordan says that nanotechnology and related material sciences is the source for new technologies, economic growth and solutions to environmental problems.

By 15 October 2007