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'Tis the season to Crave: Matt Hickey's picks

I've been a good boy, yet I don't expect any of these anytime soon.

By 17 December 2008


Phosphor e-ink world time watch (wrists-on)

Crave contributor Matt Hickey tries on one of Phosphor's new e-ink digital watch and finds it stylish and useful.

By 7 December 2010


Thanksgiving poll: What are you most grateful for?

Matt Hickey, for one, is thankful for that baguette from the future that stopped the Large Hadron Collider from destroying the universe. What are you feeling most thankful for?

By 26 November 2009


This week in Crave: The nerd-love edition

Too busy wondering how to help Craver Matt Hickey jump-start his love life to keep up with the rest of Crave? Here's what you missed.

By 13 February 2010


Friday Poll: Best gift for a love-seeking nerd

What could jaded Crave writer Matt Hickey buy himself to attract the perfect geeky girl? Vote in our poll--it's almost Valentine's Day and he needs your help.

By 12 February 2010


'Tron: Legacy' review--go for the fun, not the plot

movie review Crave's Matt Hickey says Disney's multimillion-dollar 3D epic isn't as good as it could have been, but it does include lots of groundbreaking, lift-you-out-of-your-seat action.

By 17 December 2010


Rumor says Facebook may create classified ads -- again

Rumblings suggest the social network is considering a new classified-ad service for jobs, apartments and item sales. Of course, Facebook's last foray in this direction didn't end well.

By 1 November 2012


Unboxing: U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek pizza cutter

Today we look again at one of the best kitchen gadgets we've ever seen, and it's belongings.

By 28 September 2010


PAX day 1: Torchlight II, Goldeneye 007, Tron

All that, plus a photo of an ewok in the "Back to the Future" DeLorean. No, really, it's that awesome.

By 4 September 2010


A heartbreaking tale of Duracell knockoff iPod earbuds

eight AA batteries with iPod earbuds included for free! Could they be as good as the real thing?

By 16 December 2008