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CNET UK is 5 years old!

It's our birthday, and we'll cry if we want to. Yes, CNET UK is 5 years old today -- and we're looking back at the best bits of the last five years

By 18 May 2010


Jays BlueStreamer 2: Bluetooth widget of the King

If you're fed up with using the headphones that came with your mobile phone and you'd rather use your own pair, the Jays BlueStreamer 2 could be just what you're looking for

By 28 January 2008


Be the first to try the CNET.co.uk Forums

We're going to be adding a Forums section to CNET.co.uk in the next few weeks -- join the beta test group to get a sneak preview

By 14 September 2007


What your favourite Web sites say about you

Are MySpace users inherently promiscuous? Does Facebook turn you into a social recluse? Over the next few pages we aim to discover exactly what our surfing habits say about us

By 10 September 2007


CNET.co.uk team stars in Gmail video

They blog, they podcast, they patrol the streets dressed as iPhones and superheroes... and now they're in the Gmail video. There's no stopping CNET.co.uk's Andrew Lim and Nate Lanxon

By 29 August 2007


Traxdata Yego: Y didn't they think of this before?

As well as looking like a football shirt, the Y-shaped Yego gives you 2GB of memory and two extra USB ports. This makes us happy

By 8 June 2007


Welcome to our new Reviews section!

You may notice a few changes in Reviews on CNET.co.uk -- don't worry, you're not going crazy. We've relaunched the Reviews channel and made a bunch of changes that we hope will make the site more useful

By 7 February 2007


Mary's Christmas shopping: pocket fillers

With just three shopping days to go before Virtual Crave Pounds become as valuable as Turkish Lira, it's time to go all out and shop until you technically drop...

By 22 December 2005


Mary's Christmas Shopping: slinky Sony laptop

Mary's mad dash towards Christmas continues with the Sony Vaio VGN-TX1XP, a sexy ultraportable laptop with a high-tech carbon-fibre shell

By 20 December 2005