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Get a 60-inch LG plasma HDTV for $699.99

Or pay $749.99 and get a $150 Dell gift card. Decisions, decisions.

By 24 October 2013


LG plasmas get THX, magic wands

The PZ750 series of plasma TVs offers an improved Internet TV suite LG is calling Smart TV, along with THX certification for both 2D and 3D sources.

By 5 January 2011


LG plasma claims improved black levels

The LG PK750 series of plasma TVs incorporates a new filter that the company says contributes to much deeper black levels.

By 6 January 2010


High-end LG plasmas fuse THX and Netflix

LG combines the first plasma capable of streaming Netflix with THX display certification.

By 7 January 2009


LG plasmas offer wireless option

LG introduced two plasma HDTVs with optional wireless connectivity at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

By 6 January 2008


LG 42PQ6000: 42-inch HD Ready plasma looks gorgeous, costs less than a dog

If you want a decent size TV, but money is an issue, we think you might have your interest piqued by this new 42-inch LG plasma, which is a joy to look at and will set you back less than a pretty pooch

By 17 March 2009