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'Tis the season to Crave: Leslie Katz's picks

Another Crave contributor shares five tech-related wishes for the holidays.

By 18 December 2008


'Tis the season to Crave: Leslie Katz's picks

Another Crave expert chimes in with an end-of-year wish list.

By 13 November 2006


'Crowd Control' contributors

Hundreds helped CNET write a crowdsourced science fiction novel. Many were anonymous, but plenty left their names at the door. Here's a list of those we know pitched in to create a new multiverse.

By 9 May 2016


Short people have lower IQs? A shortie takes umbrage

Two recent studies focus on the apparent drawbacks of being vertically challenged, but Crave's Leslie Katz, a lifelong short person herself, can't help looking down on the research.

By 4 March 2014


Ears-on with Sanpei Optics' audio sunglasses

Dual-purpose polarized shades currently making a run on Indiegogo combine earbuds and eyewear, which could be especially nice for the active crowd. Crave's Leslie Katz gives them a listen.

By 19 November 2012


My cyborg sister: When life-saving gadgets break down

A piece of silicone less than 2 inches wide keeps my sister alive. When a family member's life depends on a medical device, writes Crave editor Leslie Katz, technology takes on a whole new meaning.

By 21 August 2012


Sharing your birthday with Facebook: Like...or not?

CNET editors Jim Kerstetter and Leslie Katz share the same birthday but have different perspectives on the value of sharing the date publicly on Facebook.

By 10 April 2012


Inside CNET Labs 53: Where the hell did my menu go?!

Episode 53 of the Inside CNET Labs podcast guest stars Leslie Katz from Crave.

By 27 July 2009


Week in review: A week for Web 2.0, a day for Earth

San Francisco hosts a Web app frenzy, and Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity to look at the very latest in green tech. (By CNET News.com's Leslie Katz)

By 25 April 2008


Week in review: Psystar and the Mac minions

A saga surrounding Mac clone maker Psystar grabs the attention of Macdom. And news from three tech bellwethers offers reassurance. (By CNET News.com's Leslie Katz)

By 18 April 2008