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Do the BMW i3 and i8 electric cars pose a threat to Tesla?

A report on Barron's looks at BMW's long-term commitment to electric vehicles and suggests it represents a market threat to Tesla Motors.

By 9 May 2014


Pirate Bay co-founder getting released from solitary

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is leaving solitary confinement and is being moved to a new site to complete a sentence tied to illegal file-sharing.

By 10 December 2012


Do-it-yourself ghost hunting

If you're looking for ghosts this Halloween, you don't need a Proton pack. A professional ghost hunter takes us to the reportedly haunted Brookdale Lodge and shows us some easily accessible gadgets you can use to search for paranormal activity.

By 25 October 2013


Stretchable OLEDs let you fold, resize your screen

Is the display on your phone too small for you? If this prototype pans out, the solution will be simple. Stretch it.

By 29 August 2011


Google hosts energy experts amid climate talks

Next week, the international community plans to discuss climate change and green energy, and U.S. energy experts kicked things off at Google's offices Monday

By 1 December 2009


Justice Dept. asked for news site's visitor lists

Gag order instructed independent news site not to disclose subpoena demanding copies of "all IP traffic."

By 10 November 2009


Brands in Public: the end of the conversation?

Brands in Public translates the Get Satisfaction business model (a portal for public-facing aggregated customer support) into the broader realm of brand management. It aggregates the aggregation, if you will, and centralizes what Modernista, Skittles, and

By 1 October 2009


Silicon Valley fixture Mike Homer dies at 50

Former Netscape executive suffered from rare brain disease; Silicon Valley friends had rallied to raise awareness and funds.

By 2 February 2009


Teens think vinyl's groovy, Time says

Time covers the continuing resurgence of the vinyl LP, including among those who were born after vinyl's apparent demise.

By 14 January 2008