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Kodak ESP 3.2 All-in-One Printer (video)

Despite its remote-printing capabilities, the Kodak ESP 3.2's design blunders and inconsistent performance are unacceptable in the face of competing multifunctions in the sub-$100 category.

By 19 June 2012


Kodak sticks with consumer printing, unveils ESP 3.2 all-in-one device

Kodak remains strong in consumer printing with today's release of the ESP 3.2 multifunction and an accompanying Pic Flick HD iPad app coming in June.

By 16 May 2012


Kodak ESP 1.2

The Kodak ESP 1.2 is a decent, if not exactly spectacular, budget all-in-one printer. Its output isn't from the top drawer, but it's still likely to be more than acceptable for most people. Also, its relatively cheap colour ink cartridges make it a good option for those who need to print lots of colour pages.

By 16 May 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 16 May 2012

Typical price: £69.00


Kodak ESP 3.2

The Kodak ESP 3.2's low running costs, especially for colour printing, set it apart form the pack, but there are better models out there when it comes to print speed and quality.

By 16 May 2012

3.5 stars Editors' rating 16 May 2012

Typical price: £79.00


Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One

The Kodak ESP 2170 All-in-One is an affordable, multifunction printer that gets average results.

By 23 June 2011


Kodak ESP C310

Stay away from the Kodak ESP C310 if you're shopping for a new all-in-one printer. Competing $100 models like the Canon MX410 or the Lexmark Impact S305 offer similar features in a tighter package.

By 8 March 2011


Kodak ESP 9250

The Kodak ESP 9250 is very cheap to run and produces decent results. If you're looking for a printer to use in a busy home office, we think it's a good-long term bet.

By 21 July 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating 21 July 2011

Typical price: £180.00


Kodak ESP 7250

The Kodak ESP 7250 impresses with the range of features that it offers and its low running costs. However, its print quality, especially for photos, could be better and it’s not exactly a speed demon either

By 11 July 2011

3 stars Editors' rating 11 July 2011

Typical price: £145.00


Meet Kodak's newest flagship all-in-one printer, the ESP 9250

Kodak's new ESP 9250 all-in-one inkjet printer replaces the ESP 9 as its flagship printer for the Fall season.

By 27 August 2010


Kodak ESP Office 2170

The Kodak ESP Office 2170 all-in-one inkjet printer offers a stellar line-up of features and produces good-quality prints, whether text or images. Its running costs are low too, but its slow printing speed is rather disappointing.

By 1 July 2011

4 stars Editors' rating 1 July 2011

Typical price: £125.00