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Amazon announces original thriller about a social media plague

Amazon's third pilot season will include original thriller "Hysteria", starring Mena Suvari.

By 1 July 2014


How Amazon Studios went from grassroots idealist to Hollywood threat

Amazon's arm for making movies and TV shows veered away from its early ambitions with a grander plan to lure Prime customers and crush Netflix. Now it has some in Hollywood on edge.

By 14 November 2013


Facebook F8 lineup includes Spotify, Zynga, Turntable.fm

The speakers at Facebook's developers conference offer another hint of what to expect. Major announcements could possibly include a complete rewrite of the Facebook platform that developers can use to build new social apps.

By 20 September 2011


With latest launch, Halo could Reach new heights

After nine years and millions of sales, it's hard to imagine Halo: Reach taking anyone by surprise. But the sixth iteration of the hit franchise could shatter sales records.

By 14 September 2010


Just say no to Ma Bell-era Net neutrality regulation

A revived regulatory regime would again induce stagnant markets, limited choice, lackluster innovation, and zero competition, argue Berin Szoka and Adam Thierer of the Progress & Freedom Foundation.

By 11 August 2010


Middle Men: The Hollywood history of sex, drugs and e-commerce

Sex, drugs, digital porn, and, er, online shopping: Middle Men is the Hollywood version of the birth of e-commerce

By 29 July 2010


Internet: The Movie!

Films and the Web have gone hand-in-hand since the first pirate sneaked into the mutleyplex. But what would films based on your favourite sites and software look like? Crave calls lights... camera... action!

By 3 December 2008


Sandy Litvack, a dogged trustbuster in pursuit of Google

Google and Yahoo are already familiar names. But soon, hired gun Sandy Litvack may be too, should this long-time antitrust attorney and consultant to the Department of Justice pursue a case against the companies.

By 12 September 2008