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Mobile phone theft is the only rising crime in England, say cops

Crime stats for 2012 show almost all crimes falling in England and Wales -- except mobile phone theft.

By 26 April 2013


BlackBerry Z10 fails to sell like hot cakes, US survey says

US phone retailers say they've sold hardly any of BlackBerry's new blower -- it could be a disaster for the Canadian company.

By 26 March 2013


Why I won't be going back to BlackBerry from iPhone

After using BlackBerry phones for years before switching to an iPhone, I was intrigued to see whether the Z10 could tempt me back. But glitches and a lack of apps left me cold.

By 22 March 2013


1 million Raspberry Pi computers have been sold

The computer that makes us all engineers has sold about a million units, the company said on its blog.

By 13 January 2013


Nexus 4 and Raspberry Pi star in CNET UK's Products of the Year

As the year draws to a close the CNET UK team takes a moment to reflect on their personal highlights of the past 12 months.

By 18 December 2012


Pinterest guide: What it is, how to start and who to follow

Katie Collins presents her guide to Pinterest -- and explains why it's going to be the next big social networking sensation in the UK.

By 22 February 2012