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Dizzying Intel chip choices

Desktop and laptops will have almost limitless configuration possibilities, according to an unpublished Intel document.

By 12 October 2005


Intel plans nine flavors of 'Montecito' Itanium

Plans to unveil chips with three models running at 1.6GHz and 1.4GHz, but by end of first half of next year, at least six more set to appear.

By 12 October 2005


Yonah to suck up more power

Intel's upcoming mobile chip has higher energy consumption than Pentium M, CNET News.com has learned.

By 11 October 2005


AMD desktop chips edge ahead of Intel

Figures from ZDNet Germany labs show AMD's fastest chips outpacing its rival's for mainstream applications.

24 August 2004


Intel's Prescott chip gets rebuilt for speed

The chipmaker redesigns a key element in the upcoming Pentium 4 spinoff to allow it to hit higher speeds--but analysts aren't expecting an early turbo boost.

By 21 January 2004


AMD's new fab slated for Germany

Advanced Micro Devices plans to announce later this week that it will build its next chip fabrication facility near Dresden, Germany, according to sources.

By 18 November 2003


Intel, AMD to trim prices for holidays

The companies will ring in the holiday PC-buying season by cutting desktop chip prices in the next few days. Lower PC prices are likely to follow.

By 24 October 2003


Intel readies low-cost Itanium

The company hopes to ignite server chip sales with Deerfield, an energy-efficient Itanium 2 processor.

By 10 July 2003


Chip details leak out of Intel

The chipmaker is gearing up for a busy second half of the year with a slew of new desktop and notebook processors and a host of accompanying price cuts.

By 9 July 2003


Athlon64 family to grow

Advanced Micro Devices will manipulate cache memory on its upcoming Athlon64 and existing Athlon XP processors to break out new members of the chip families, according to sources.

By 27 June 2003