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Watch CNET.com's review of the Eurocom M590K Emperor laptop.

CNET Senior Editor Justin Jaffe reviews Eurocom's M590K Emperor laptop, which features a 19-inch display and two NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX cards.

1 November 2007


Up close with the latest gadgets

Bookmark this roundup and let CNET product experts help you make sense of the gizmo parade.

By 27 January 2006


The arrival of Apple's Intel era

The iconoclastic Mac maker's tectonic shift to Intel processors is in full swing as IBM plans its support.

By 23 January 2006


Round-up: PCs and laptops at CES

2006 promises to be a landmark year for new PC and laptop technology, so check out some of the highlights from this year's CES to see which products will set your pulses racing

By 9 January 2006


Macworld: Intel-based Macs built for speed

At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs says Intel-based laptops, iMacs are several times faster than predecessors. Photos: Macworld up to the minute

By 10 January 2006


Which chip for your computer?

Which chip for your computer?

By 8 November 2005