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No black art to the Blackphone's quest for smartphone privacy

While Blackphone sales are off to a lukewarm start, our hands-on with the privacy-obsessed smartphone finds that it simplifies staying secure on the go.

By 30 September 2014


R + L = J: 'Game of Thrones' fan theories to chew on

Who are Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister's real parents, and what might that mean for the rest of the series? These plausible fan theories paint a fiery picture of Westeros' future. Caution: spoilers.

By 17 September 2014


Amazon Studios debuts 14 pilots for free viewing

Whether the pilots get the green light for a season of episodes will depend on what viewer data shows. "The goal is to get customer feedback," says studio head Roy Price.

By 19 April 2013


Cowboys fire coach, forget to renew Web domain

When the Dallas Cowboys fired their coach, Wade Phillips, DallasCowboys.com was full of no news at all. The team had forgotten to renew the domain name and site showed a picture of two kids playing soccer.

By 10 November 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1180: Egg on Newegg's face (podcast)

Weren't the folks who ordered an Intel Core i7 surprised when they got a Styrofoam fake instead? Well yes. But we still haven't heard from Newegg how this happened. However the fake was incredibly well done. So props to that. We also discuss Apple's

By 8 March 2010


Buzz Out Loud 918: The incredible, edible car

Within 15 years, cars will be made of seaweed. But will they be edible? That's your next task, auto industry. We also make book recommendations, give medical advice, and generally just try to help. Oh, and we talk about exploding donut factories.

By 25 February 2009


Buzz Out Loud 828: Things change, suck it!

Financial markets will collapse, venture capitalists will cause a run on start-ups that will lead to even more financial collapses, and companies that try to disable their DRM servers will inevitably reverse that bad decision.

By 10 October 2008


Buzz Out Loud 699: The smell of pong

Episode 699, in which we coin a new phrase, "swang pong." You figure it out. Also, video on Flickr and bad news about promotional CDs (and goblins).

By 9 April 2008


Episode 617: Windows apps on a Mac?

Is Apple working to enable native Windows app compatibility in Leopard? Probably not. But that would be sweet.

By 5 December 2007


Episode 601: Europe gets its day

Buzz Out Loud's European army mobilizes to strike down the evil generalizations of Brian Cooley. Hey, plus you guys have iPhone now!

By 9 November 2007