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Sony launches Xperia P with Telstra, Xperia U at Crazy John's

Sony Mobile announced the availability of two new Xperia-branded handsets in Sydney today, partnering with Telstra for the launch of the Xperia P, and with Crazy John's for the youth-focused Xperia U.

By 20 June 2012


I'm Craving John Falcone's Cool New Hat

You better believe it.

By 19 December 2006


Former punk John Doe on P2P, music labels, Radiohead

The X founder and U.S. punk rock scene pioneer says technology is good for music but people should pay for songs they download.

By 6 May 2009


CES 2009 preview: Home audio

John P. Falcone offers a preview of the home audio offerings at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

By 15 December 2008


CES in Depth: Inside the Best of Show

Lindsey Turrentine and John Falcone reveal what really goes in to determining the best products from CES 2012

By 14 January 2012


Best tech: Cheap speakers, hot cameras, and Wi-Fi scales

CNET Reviews Executive Editor John Falcone walks you through the best reviews from the week that was, explaining what matters right now and why.

By 26 May 2012


Reporters' Roundtable: The Apple TV is a big fat deal

The new Apple TV is at the forefront of Apple's push to control the living room. We discuss the market with CNET Reviews editors John Falcone and Matthew Moskovciak.

By 9 March 2012


New tablets and e-readers on the way?

Bridget Carey talks e-readers and tablets with CNET executive editor John Falcone to get details on what we can expect from Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble in the coming months.

By 22 August 2012


CNET editors make their predictions for CES 2012

Molly Wood, Lindsey Turrentine, and John Falcone preview the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show: will it be all ultrabooks and connected TVs, or might we see an Xbox surprise?

By 9 January 2012


Ask Anything: What is HDMI?

John Falcone explains the high-definition connection.

22 May 2008