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'Big Lebowski' cast reunites for Blu-ray release

To celebrate and promote the release of the Blu-ray of 'The Big Lebowski' cast members Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, and Julianne Moore reunited on August 16 in New York City.

By 17 August 2011


What will recorded music sound like in 2050?

John La Grou, founder and CEO at Millennia Music & Media Systems, forecast how recorded sound will evolve over the coming decades.

By 27 October 2013


Playfish co-founder leaves EA to go back to startups

Kristian Segerstrale, who was executive vice president of Digital at Electronic Arts, remains tight-lipped on his plans for the future.

By 27 February 2013


IBM spends $3 billion to push the far future of computer chips

Big Blue sets a five-year plan to figure out the manufacturing technology for the great-grandchild of today's chip tech -- and the even more different generations beyond that.

By 10 July 2014


Cisco's John Chambers eyes retirement, successor

The 63-year-old CEO has been running the networking equipment giant since 1995 and now sees his retirement coming in the next two to four years.

By 26 September 2012


The real reason Dell might get back into MP3 players

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, PC maker Dell is considering making MP3 players again, along with its own software and music subscription service.

By 30 July 2008


Twitter, hate speech, and the costs of keeping quiet

commentary Purging mass media of hurtful opinions would deny everyone important knowledge. Simply put, says author Greg Lukianoff, it's far better to know that there are bigots among us than to pretend all is well.

By 7 April 2013


Toasting the birthday of the integrated circuit

Hundreds gather at the Computer History Museum to celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the integrated circuit and two of its inventors, Gordon Moore and Jay Last.

By 9 May 2009


Vertigo sufferers seek treatment on YouTube

People suffering from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can find easy relief on YouTube. But they have to be choosy about which video they watch -- only 64 percent of the clips showing the Epley maneuver are accurate.

By 25 July 2012


Hard-to-predict weather grounds shuttle Discovery

Shuttle Discovery is grounded by Florida's mercurial weather, delaying a 13-day space station resupply and crew rotation mission by 24 hours.

By 25 August 2009