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Always-on meMini camera wants to prevent lost moments

Meant to be clipped onto your clothing, this Kickstarter project is a camera that's always recording so you can capture footage up to five minutes back in time.

By 9 January 2014


Goron tablet cushion: Play games comfortably lying down

With this odd-looking contraption, you can now play hours of Candy Crush without the risk of your iPhone dropping on your face when you doze off.

By 19 September 2013

Editors' Take

Sony Xperia C

At the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, China, CNET handles Sony's new China-bound and dual-SIM Xperia C smartphone.

27 June 2013

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FingerQ adds fingerprint sensor to Android phones

The PrivacQ case lets you encrypt messages and photos so only another person with the same case and accompanying app can see them.

By 27 June 2013


Production Nvidia Shield showed off at Computex

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang used a final production model during his demo of multiscreen gaming at the trade show in Taiwan.

By 4 June 2013


Camera shootout: HTC One vs. iPhone 5

CNET Asia gets deep hands-on time with the HTC One and compares its promising camera with the shooter on the iPhone 5.

By 23 February 2013


Nvidia shows off software-based pressure-sensitive display

It seems that you will no longer need a specialized stylus like the Galaxy Note 2's S Pen to etch out a sketch on your smartphone.

By 4 June 2013


Hands-on with the XPS 11

We try out the new convertible notebook that sports a high-resolution 2,560x1,440-pixel screen and a flat keyboard that's quite unlike what's found in other laptops.

By 4 June 2013


Sony mulls launch of PlayStation Vita TV in US and Europe

Sony is thinking of expanding the reach of the new console based on strong consumer response, a company executive tells Engadget.

By 20 September 2013


PlayStation 3 titles could be headed to the PS Vita TV

According to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, the PlayStation 3 games could eventually be delivered through a cloud service.

By 12 September 2013