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Sony at E3 2014: Can it hold its lead?

The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One, but Sony must remain on the offensive to stay on top. Here's a look at how it might do that.

By 6 June 2014


Sony to unveil PlayStation Vita Slim for US, Europe this month?

In a cryptic invitation, the company says it's ready to announce the "slimmest" launch in its history. A smaller PS4? Probably not. A wider release of its PS Vita Slim makes much more sense.

By 24 January 2014


Always-on meMini camera wants to prevent lost moments

Meant to be clipped onto your clothing, this Kickstarter project is a camera that's always recording so you can capture footage up to five minutes back in time.

By 9 January 2014


September sales spell more success for Sony's PS platform

Following one of the video game industry's most robust months thanks to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, NPD's numbers paint a picture of where the chips lie in the impending console war.

By 18 October 2013


Goron tablet cushion: Play games comfortably lying down

With this odd-looking contraption, you can now play hours of Candy Crush without the risk of your iPhone dropping on your face when you doze off.

By 19 September 2013


Sony mulls launch of PlayStation Vita TV in US and Europe

Sony is thinking of expanding the reach of the new console based on strong consumer response, a company executive tells Engadget.

By 20 September 2013


PlayStation 3 titles could be headed to the PS Vita TV

According to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House, the PlayStation 3 games could eventually be delivered through a cloud service.

By 12 September 2013


Sony announces new PlayStation Vita, Vita TV

At a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Sony has unveiled two new Vita products: the Vita 2000 handheld console and the Vita TV, which plays Vita content on your television screen.

By 9 September 2013


Sony unveils PlayStation Vita TV

The new PS Vita TV, which lands in Japan on November 14, will serve as a multimedia streaming station that connects to the PlayStation 4.

By 9 September 2013


FingerQ adds fingerprint sensor to Android phones

The PrivacQ case lets you encrypt messages and photos so only another person with the same case and accompanying app can see them.

By 27 June 2013