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YouTube gets injected with 12K live concert videos

The video-sharing site works with Music Vault to bring users thousands of remastered music videos, from The Grateful Dead to The Sex Pistols to Fleet Foxes.

By 8 July 2014


The Audiophiliac's top digital music tracks for testing speakers

If you want to hear your speakers or headphones sound better than ever, listen to some of the Audiophiliac's best-sounding CDs and SACDs.

By 9 June 2013


Prefer laptops to lace? One geek's guide to a simpler wedding

With an impending wedding, Crave writer and budget-minded geek Amanda Kooser is putting technology to work planning for the big day.

By 22 May 2014


Yahoo recycled ID users warn of security risk

Users of Yahoo's recycled ID names say they are receiving the former owner's sensitive information through their new accounts.

By 24 September 2013


Scrapheap printer orchestra plays Bob Dylan

Come gather 'round people, wherever you roam, and listen to a MIDI-controlled orchestra made of 97 gadget relics play a classic folk tune.

By 6 November 2012


Dylan to be the voice of GPS?

On his radio show, Bob Dylan says he's in negotiations with two GPS companies to use his voice to give directions. Might this not depress drivers into taking some wrong turns in life?

By 26 August 2009


Privacy at risk as Path app lets location data slip

Just as the company settles a privacy complaint with the FTC, it faces new criticism over location information contained in photos.

By 1 February 2013


Apple tries out new 'Think Different' campaign

Apple's flurry of lawsuits is part of its strategy to get competitors to think different -- i.e., to sink time and money into steering clear of any resemblance to the iPhone, iPad or iWhatever.

By 31 August 2012


Look for the smartphone's future in the PC's past

Google's Android chief says the OS wasn't built to change the dynamics of the smartphone industry. The history of the tech biz suggests a different narrative.

By 27 February 2012