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Thanks Vodafone, but what if you're not Ian Morris?

Why isn't getting a PAC instant? When you're out of contract, with your bills all paid, why not call up and get it straight away?

By 16 September 2009


Snikt! X-Men fan builds working Wolverine claws

To celebrate "X-Men: Days of Future Past", X-Men fan and inventor Colin Furze has created his own fully working Wolverine claws.

By 15 May 2014


The Gadget Show World Tour vs Gadget Geeks

The Gadget Show is back -- how will techtastic twosome Jason and Polly face up to the competition from Sky's rival Gadget Geeks?

By 27 March 2012


CNET UK Podcast 219: What happened in Vegas is in this show

This week, we present a special episode of the CNET UK Podcast, recorded live at the busier-than-usual CES tech show in Las Vegas.

By 14 January 2011


Vodafone offers disgruntled former customers cut-price deals

Vodafone called our reporter to admit that it had been guilty of poor customer service in the past and that it was very sorry. Here are his thoughts...

By 12 January 2011


Sony Bravia HX923, HX823, HX723, NX, EX and CX TVs get Skype and an iPhone app

Sony is bringing video calling and smart-phone apps to its Bravia television range with a collection of new models announced today.

By 6 January 2011


Google lets everyone create own Android apps

Google opens access to App Inventor tool to anyone with a Google account, giving them the step-by-step capability to build apps for their own Android phones.

By 16 December 2010


Why the Pioneer Kuro is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Ian Morris has watched many TVs in his time. Some might say too many. But only one TV impressed him enough to be considered for the title of Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century, and it was part of Pioneer's Kuro range.

By 9 November 2010


Facebook profiles get a nip and tuck to sum you up in bite-sized chunks

Facebook has had a facelift, with your profile enjoying a new look to sum up your entire life in bite-sized chunks.

By 6 December 2010


Amazon Black Friday sale gets off to rocky start as shoppers go nuts

Amazon's Black Friday sale has kicked off to mixed reactions, as a feeding frenzy of crazed consumers has seen many deals sell out insanely fast, leaving many disappointed.

By 22 November 2010