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Thanks Vodafone, but what if you're not Ian Morris?

Why isn't getting a PAC instant? When you're out of contract, with your bills all paid, why not call up and get it straight away?

By 16 September 2009


CNET UK Podcast 176: Geneva Motor Show special

This week on the podcast an ill Rory Reid joined a recently recovered Flora Graham, and a perfectly healthy Ian Morris to talk about the Geneva Motor Show and the week's tech news

By 5 March 2010


Why the Pioneer Kuro is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Ian Morris has watched many TVs in his time. Some might say too many. But only one TV impressed him enough to be considered for the title of Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century, and it was part of Pioneer's Kuro range.

By 9 November 2010


The CNET UK Podcast - Live from CES 2010

This week on a very special transatlantic edition of the CNET UK Podcast, Ian Morris, Rich Trenholm, and Natali Del Conte sat down to talk a bit about the best of CES this year. From Sony's Dash, through to the Boxee Box all the coolest gadgets from this year's show got discussed.

By 12 January 2010


Crave Podcast 105: The Great Game Robbery

It's podcast friday, y'all! Episode 105 is brought to you by Rory Reid, Ian Morris and newcomer Marian Smith. Don't adjust your podcatchers, there's nothing wrong with her voice -- she's just American

By 3 October 2008


Crave Podcast 97: Windows is dead!

In podcast 97, Rory Reid's back, along with his Man Friday Ian Morris, his woman Thursday Kate Macefield, and some random Aussie called Luke Anderson

By 8 August 2008


Crave Podcast 91: The Wiibrator is real

This week, Ian 'Victor Meldrew' Morris joins the crew, in what can only be described as… the 91st episode. They discuss Obama's music, the latest gear and a new app for the Wii

By 27 June 2008


Analogue spectrum sale: Anyone want to go twos-up?

Sick of TV? Good news -- we can start our own TV channel and fill it with filth and Ian Morris. All we'll need is millions of pounds, and a piece of the old analogue TV spectrum

By 11 June 2008


Snikt! X-Men fan builds working Wolverine claws

To celebrate "X-Men: Days of Future Past", X-Men fan and inventor Colin Furze has created his own fully working Wolverine claws.

By 15 May 2014


The Gadget Show World Tour vs Gadget Geeks

The Gadget Show is back -- how will techtastic twosome Jason and Polly face up to the competition from Sky's rival Gadget Geeks?

By 27 March 2012