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Forget hybrid cars, hybrid airplanes are the next big thing

Researchers from Cambridge University have teamed up with Boeing to build and successfully test the world's first hybrid airplane engine.

By 21 January 2015


Top 5 cheap hybrid cars

Just because it has a hybrid badge doesn't mean you have to break the bank to buy one. CNET's Brian Cooley offers his Top 5 cheap hybrid cars that you can afford.

By 1 July 2013


Five hybrid cars: The newest gas-electric fuel-sippers

The Toyota Prius may still be the hybrid market leader, but there are many other options on the market.

By 11 September 2012


Uber to branch out with hybrid car service

The company plans to charge rates that are just 10 percent to 20 percent more than standard taxi fares, according to a report.

By 2 July 2012


Do hybrid cars kill you with silence?

This summer, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration will begin creating guidelines for the minimum amount of noise a car engine can emit -- at lower speeds hybrid and electric cars cause too many accidents.

By 20 May 2012


The hybrid premium: How much more does a hybrid car cost?

Hybrid cars tend to cost a bit more than their equivalent nonhybrid counterparts, but how much more? CNET looks at a selection of mostly midsize sedans to analyze the differences.

By 1 May 2012


Toyota FT-Bh: Our ugly hybrid car future (photos)

Toyota declares the triumph of function over form at the 2012 Geneva auto show, with a frightful-looking future hybrid car. The FT-Bh is an ugly hybrid runabout with extremely good aerodynamics and estimated fuel economy over 100 mpg.

7 Images By 6 March 2012


From hybrid cars to hybrid production trailers

King Kong Production Trailers is making a trailer that runs on solar power and biodiesel, and offers eco-friendly interior options--just the thing if you're a hybrid-vehicle-driving movie star.

By 28 July 2011


Ford optimises hybrid car efficiency with Google's help

Last week at Google I/O, Ford announced that it will use Google technology to predict driver behaviour and help it optimise settings for its future plug-in hybrid vehicles.

By 17 May 2011


Top 5 hybrid cars

If you're serious about saving gas with electricity, these are your cars.

By 29 March 2011