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Laptop buying guide

The most important things to know when shopping for a new laptop, hybrid, or Windows tablet.

By 27 November 2013


Best 11.6-inch laptops and hybrids

The ultraportable 11-inch PC screen is suddenly hot again, from high-end Sony and Apple laptops to budget tablets and hybrids.

By 15 July 2013


850-hp Jaguar C-X75 hybrid supercar struts its speed

After several years of tinkering, Jaguar once again chats up the jaw-dropping C-X75 hybrid supercar, and shows off an incredible behind-the-scenes video of the latest prototype.

By 27 June 2013


Microsoft's pitch for hybrids: Tablets alone don't cut it

The tech titan is making the case for hybrids. This time the push comes before an expected flood of new 2-in-1 devices.

By 27 June 2013


Android duels with Windows 8 on Samsung hybrid

Samsung is making a bold statement with its Windows-Android laptop-tablet: Windows 8 alone doesn't cut it on highly mobile devices.

By 21 June 2013


LG launches ultrabook and hybrid tablet in Australia

LG's convertible Tab-Book and Z360 Ultrabook will hit Australian retail in July.

By 4 June 2013


HP goes Android with x2 hybrid

Hewlett-Packard's new SlateBook x2 can double as an Android laptop, and that's a first for HP.

By 15 May 2013


Sony makes first profit in 5 years as Windows 8 hybrid leaks

Sony has turned a profit after years of struggle -- but only by selling off a slew of its assets.

By 9 May 2013


Rumor Has It: Is Apple set to 'invent' the hybrid laptop?

Can Apple change the face of the hybrid tablet/laptop market by adding one new feature?

By 17 April 2013


Does Apple need a hybrid MacBook?

An Apple hybrid MacBook is an enticing idea. Should the company try to pull it off?

By 13 April 2013