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GameSpot's Guy Cocker argues the Xbox 360 is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

The honorable Guy Cocker -- once of this parish, now editor of our sister site GameSpot -- puts a strong case for Microsoft's Xbox 360 to win our Greatest Gadget knockout competition.

By 11 November 2010


CNET UK Podcast 151: Will Apple beat Nintendo with the iPhone?

This week Nate's joined by Rory and special guest Guy Cocker from GameSpot UK, discussing the week's most interesting tech stories and the future of the iPhone as a gaming platform

By 3 September 2009


CNET UK Podcast 137: E3 preview

In an exciting week for technology, Ian, Nate and GameSpot's Guy Cocker take time out to talk about the Zune HD, Microsoft's new search engine -- now called Bing -- as well as the week's other news

By 29 May 2009


Crave Podcast 48: Hot gossip from the Games Convention

In this week's podcast Guy Cocker from GameSpot UK dishes the dirt on the Leipzig Games Convention, and we raise our eyebrows at China's latest attempt to patrol the Internet

By 31 August 2007


Xbox One will work with UK TV 'in a variety of ways'

The Xbox One will be able to control your TV "in a variety of ways" here in the UK, Microsoft marketing boss Harvey Eagle has promised.

By 22 May 2013


Saints Row-maker THQ goes bankrupt, sells upcoming games

The gaming giant has filed for bankruptcy with a range of anticipated games still in development.

By 20 December 2012


Crave Podcast 94: Gaming, breast power and the iPhone again

This week, we look at the awesome power generation potential for lady parts, take an inevitable look at the iPhone 3G launch failure and have a sniff around the E3 games expo

By 18 July 2008


Crave Podcast 17: Ten reasons to hate the Zune

It's time to open your ears yet once more for the Crave Podcast. The latest episode has considerable game, and also takes Microsoft's Zune apart with a technique that can only be described as clinical...

By 28 November 2006


Crave Podcast 16: Rockstar's 'Bully' on trial

Can iPods be used as Ouija boards? Why have we been beating up school children for fun? Will CCTV cameras eventually be equipped with weapons? All these questions and more answered in this week's Podcast...

By 7 November 2006


Nintendo 3DS in UK on 25 March, with Sky, BT and others adding to 3D fun

The Nintendo 3DS will hit UK shops on 25 March. At a press event in Amsterdam the big N also announced partnerships with a load of companies to deliver 3D content to the console.

By 19 January 2011