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What is HbbTV?

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is on its way to Australia in the form of FreeviewPlus, but what is it, how do you get it, and why should you care?

By 22 April 2014


How Panasonic's plasmas defined TVs in 2013

Although Panasonic's TX-P55VT65 and TX-P42ST60 each garnered five-star reviews as two of the best TVs we've seen all year, they mark the end of plasma.

By 16 December 2013


Freeview coming to your tablet in time for the World Cup

Freeview is coming to your tablet in the new year to watch and record your favourite broadcast telly wherever you roam.

By 13 December 2013


FetchTV SmartBox 8000: Freeview PVR with iPlayer, Sky Player and one major flaw

The FetchTV SmartBox 8000 strikes us as a really cool bit of kit. A Freeview PVR with access to both iPlayer and Sky Player is a terrific idea, as long as you're happy to hand over your credit-card details

By 1 June 2010


Philips HDT8520, DTR5520: Freeview HD PVR and receiver have legs

The Freeview HD bandwagon has two new passengers, in the form of the 500GB HDT8520 PVR and storage-free DTR5520 from Dutch master Philips

By 24 March 2010


Want a YouView box for free? Talk to TalkTalk

If you were put off by the £300 up front fee, TalkTalk has a broadband plus landline bundle that might tickle your fancy.

By 26 July 2012


YouView box, interface and remote in hands-on video

Check out our video to see how YouView combines normal TV with online and catch-up services in one box, one remote and one experience.

By 4 July 2012


Opinion: I like YouView. There, I've said it

It may have been a shambles up till now, but Jason is starting to believe YouView could become the way millions of people watch TV.

By 4 July 2012


TVonics DTR-HV250 early review: Best quality Freeview PVR yet?

We're always on the lookout for exciting Freeview PVRs, and the TVonics DTR-HV250 has plenty to get us salivating, including a rather useful HDMI switch

6 Images By 21 January 2010


OnLive PlayPack free for three months to BT broadband users

BT broadband customers can get three months' free subscription to streaming games service OnLive.

By 15 December 2011