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Google Maps Gallery debuts as Web's interactive digital atlas

The tech giant partners with governments and organizations to publish hundreds of historic and informative maps that anyone can explore.

By 28 February 2014


Facebook: Ravens' win, Beyonce most mentioned for Super Bowl

Instagram, meanwhile, says more than 3 million photos that mentioned Super Bowl-themed words in their captions were shared yesterday, and at peak, more than 450 photos about the game were posted every second.

By 4 February 2013


Madden attempts to predict Super Bowl XLVII victor

The Big Game arrives this weekend, and Electronic Arts thinks its Madden football video game predicted the winner. Do you agree with its pick?

By 29 January 2013


Teacher's aide refuses to share Facebook access, is suspended

School authorities insisted that Kimberly Hester open up her Facebook account following complaints over a picture she posted. Now she's fighting for her job and her rights.

By 2 April 2012


MBAs make their way in engineer-crazed tech world

VC and start-up fever have seized Silicon Valley, and new business grads want in on the action. But they often don't know where to look--and the tech industry isn't always seeking them out.

By 10 May 2011


Music and technology firsts

Music and technology go together like rock and roll. We take a whirlwind tour through the history of technological milestones in music, packed with classic tunes and amazing facts

By 25 November 2009


The remodeling of EMC's executive office suite

Pat Gelisinger hops from Intel to a position that puts him in competition with two other EMCers to succeed Joe Tucci. What now from EMC's new executive suite?

By 16 September 2009


Just how vulnerable is the electrical grid?

Experts say critical infrastructure in the U.S. is at risk of cyberattacks as utilities increasingly rely on the public Internet, deploy unsafe smart-grid technology, and fail to take adequate security precautions.

By 10 April 2009


Icahn to run slate of nine for Yahoo board

Following the nixed weekend bid in tandem with Microsoft, the billionaire investor launches a formal quest to replace Yahoo's board.

By 14 July 2008


Hands-on with Samsung Adidas miCoach F110 fitness phone

New Year's resolutions down the toilet? Can't afford a personal trainer? Samsung's here to help, with a phone that tells you to get off your arse and run

By 6 March 2008