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Paul Graham steps down as Y-Combinator president

The Silicon Valley leader taps Y-Combinator alum Sam Altman to take over as president of the startup incubator.

By 21 February 2014


Y Combinator's Paul Graham defends foreign accent comments

Outrage aside, Paul Graham sticks to the facts as he sees them: Startup founders with strong foreign accents are less likely to win VC funding.

By 30 August 2013


Alexander Graham Bell speaks for first time, via 3D camera

The inventor of the telephone speaks to us across a century as new technology finally unlocks a fragile early recording.

By 25 April 2013


Alexander Graham Bell's voice captured from old recordings

After 128 years, new technology brings the great inventor's voice back to life.

By 25 April 2013


New social network connects people by gut flora

MyMicrobes, created by researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, brings niche social networking to a new level--and price tag, with a $2,100 gut bacteria sequencing fee.

By 12 September 2011


Martha Graham is the doodle dancer on Google today

Today's Google doodle is strictly coming dancing, with an animation celebrating the moves of modern dance pioneer Martha Graham.

By 11 May 2011


Netflix confirmed for Australian launch, says Village Roadshow CEO

According to Graham Burke, joint head of Village Roadshow, Netflix is set for a 2015 launch into the Australian market.

By 27 June 2014


Security expert Graham Cluley identifies possible Mac attack

If you have any interest in the sporting world, you undoubtedly have heard about the recent video depicting an exposed Erin Andrews--a high-profile sports reporter for ESPN--filmed through a peephole at her hotel room. This video is now being tied to secu

By 22 July 2009


Why the iPhone is the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century

Touchscreens. Apps. Built-in GPS. The iPhone wasn't first, but it made these things unimaginably popular. Flora Graham argues the case for it to be deemed the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century.

By 2 November 2010


Alyssa Graham, 'Pictures Of You': Free MP3 of the Day

New York's Graham is the latest to spread sotto voce murmurs over a bed of soft piano, and she even adds a gentle kick with Brazilian drums--an especially nifty touch when she's covering Simon and Garfunkel's "America." Download a free MP3 of "Pictures Of

By 24 July 2008